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                                          Ta Petro

                                          RoadSquad Nationwide Network & Third Party Providers

                                          RoadSquad technician assisting with road call.

                                          Get to know our nationwide network.

                                          • Operating out of 245 TA Truck Service locations within TA, Petro and TA Express facilities coast-to-coast.
                                          • Over 600 fully-equipped RoadSquad service trucks.
                                          • GPS tracking and mapping technology installed in all service trucks.
                                          • Nearly 3,000 experienced technicians, qualified to handle even the most complex roadside repair.
                                          • Voted Best Roadside Assistance Provider.*
                                          *Results based on TA and Petro survey of professional truck drivers.

                                          Qualified Third-Party Providers

                                          In addition to our expansive RoadSquad nationwide network, we carefully select qualified third-party providers to supplement our service. These providers are assessed and dispatched based on a proprietary rating system that examines all key aspects of the repair, ensuring you get the best service provider for your unique situation.

                                          • Over 1,700 third-party providers.
                                          • Vetted, quality service providers located throughout the continental United States.
                                          • Ready to provide a wide scope of service requirements, including towing and proprietary tire brands.
                                          Become a Third-Party Provider
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