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                                          Ta Petro

                                          Payment Options

                                          3rd Party Billing

                                          TA and Petro Stopping Centers is pleased to accept most third party cards for fuel purchases. Comdata, EFS, FleetONE, Fuelman, Husky, Imperial Oil, MultiService, Petro Canada, T-Chek, TCH, Ultramar, and Voyager are all accepted at TA Fuel Desks. We also accept major oil cards, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express Cards.

                                          Direct Billing

                                          TA and Petro has a program available to our customers with approved credit for fuel and repair services at our locations nationwide. Please contact a member of our Fleet Sales team to determine if our direct bill program is right for your company. 1-800-987-8617
                                          Option 2 : Fleet Sales
                                          Option 5 : Inside Sales

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